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Firefly language

3. dubna 2018 v 4:30
Firefly language

Spring flowers, summer is cool, autumn leaves, winter snow, no matter what season is so poetic.

However, in a special season, a special elf affects the mood of the whole season. That's the firefly in the summer.

The summer of childhood is the companion of stars all night, the croak of frogs coming from the pond in the distance, and the companions and the adults chill the moon in the yard.

At that time, the elves of the night flashed and flickering, and the flocks of fireflies seemed to move the sky above the sky, and filled with curiosity we liked to put fireflies in glass bottles, turn off the lights, and enjoy the tiny warmth of their own.

Firefly occurs in late summer and early autumn. This is the best season in southern Shaanxi in a year. When the "chicken habitat in the hencoop, on the evening of the day," will gradually dissipate heat. In the countryside, after dinner, a pinch of Ma lad sat in the shadow of the courtyard, shook a paper fan or cardboard, and looked at the Milky way. There was a sentence without a sentence.

In a trance, in the deep and empty silence of the side, there will be a looming silence. If a few fireflies are floating in the dark, the summer night immediately rises, like a harp placed in a dark corner by a double invisible hand. It's not known outside the hospital.

Firefly is the best catch. It flies slowly. It seems to be drunken. It doesn't take a straight line to the East and hit the West. It's also unguarded for people. People love it too, even if it happens, it doesn't hurt. Sometimes the child put it in the leaves of the green onion, tired of it, and let it climb out, still left there, and it became dull when the sun came up.

Childlike innocence is like water, at the age of seven or eight, I do not know what life is, playing the heart is flourishing, carrying a light bulb lit by fireflies, as if carrying a magic wand, or Aladdin's lamp, running, jumping...

At that time, the stars in the sky were tiny fireflies flying on the ground, and the fireflies on the ground were the stars falling from the sky. After a rough time, we all know that people want to be stars that are high above the sky, but most of them are inevitably fireflies on the ground.

But even if it becomes a firefly, if it can illuminate the small space around us with its own thin light, is it also a blessing?

The firefly in the palm of the hand looks kind and weak. But who once thought that a little firefly is a hunter. The purpose of its eastward collision is to search for spouses, the two is to search for snails. Whenever a suitable snail is found, the firefly will quickly inject a toxin into the body of the snail with an inverted needle like mouth. In the near future, the snail will be poisoned and die, and then it can be enjoyed as a "porridge".